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+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun December 2016
– contents
KM youth meet Minister Koenders in Baghdad
Festival in Baghdad: diversity and documentaries
Second Ninewa Youth Conference
Nahla report: case study on Christian properties
Update: youth advocacy efforts continue

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq July 2016
– contents
PAX supports development of youth empowerment in peace-building
Campaign to protect Christian property
PAX develops guide for journalists on how to address minority issues

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq April 2016
– contents:
Advocacy visit of KM youth to Iraqi parliament
Festival on cultural diversity in Hilla
Song of Peace about Kulluna Muwatinun efforts
Celebration of minorities’ holidays
Kulluna Muwatinun contributes to first Iraqi group promoting UNSCR 2250

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq January 2016
– contents:
Peaceful coexistence festival in Basra
Christmas celebration in Hilla – Babil governorate
Skype exchange between Iraq and the Netherlands
Black community empowerment training
Youth Advisory Council training in Ninewa

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq November 2015
– contents:
Erbil conference of displaced youth from Ninewa
Updates on Baghdad and Basra youth platforms
PAX Diwanaya Ambassador of Citizenship attends Peaceweek in the Netherlands
Sinjar commemorations throughout Iraq

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq December-February 2015
– contents:
‘Protecting Kurdistan’s Diversity’ workshop reviews draft of minority protection law in Iraqi Kurdistan
KM partners and stakeholders discussed program development in Beirut
Third training on mobile phone “story maker” application held by IMCK in Basra
Many people attend Kirkuk for Peace festival despite security challenges
KM youth trainings in Erbil and Basra
Lecture on extremism in Bagdad

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq October-November 2014
– contents:
Conflict resolution training for PAX ambassadors
Wintercamp for Iraqi youth activists
Minority rights news documentation through mobile phones
Europe lobby tour with Iraqi activists
Peace Festival in Bagdad
International Peace Day celebration

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq September 2014
– contents:
PAX ambassadors organize IDP solidarity campaign
IDPs see no possibilities for return
Lack of national IDP strategy
Iraqi youth activists trained to document human rights violations
Political participation of minorities

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq August 2014
– contents:
Reporting on the humanitarian crisis in Northern Iraq
Many Yezidis are still stranded in the area of Sinjar
Local community efforts amid political stalemate
Increased tensions between Kurds and Arabs within the Kurdish Region

+ Newsletter Kulluna Muwatinun Iraq November-December 2013
– contents:
Network of young Iraqi activists on Facebook
3rd training of young facilitators
Radio shows
Meeting of the advisory committee
Engaging dialogue on citizenship and sectarianism
Legal Study on minority rights



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